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permanent fireproof curtain voile our company: zhenjiang goldstar textiles, credible china manufacturer and exporter or various fabrics, home textiles, our address: 9-302 2Qu taohuawu road,zhenjiang,jiangsu,china. telphone:0086-511-88817108,fax:0086-511-88832289,
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hand made patchworks bedspreadswedding or banquet chaircover,tablecloth,sash and napkinkitchen textiles,appron,napkin
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Specialized in Fabrics, Home-Textiles, and Agent for other goods:

1. Fabrics
1.1 Woven Fabrics:
.1.1.1 Polyester Lining Taffeta Fabrics, Inc. Flame Retardant Lining, Coated Lining, Blind Curtain Lining, Extra Width 280cm,
.1.1.2 Polyester Lining Pongee Fabrics, Icl. Fireproof Lining, Water-proof Lining, PU/PA Coated Lining,
.1.1.3 Nylon Taft Fabrics, Icl. Waterproof Fabrics, Lining Taft, Down-proof Lining,
.1.1.4 Satin Fabrics, Icl. Iridescent satin, Bridal satin, pailette satin, Embroidery satin, extra width 280cm,
.1.1.5 Nylon/Poly Taffeta fabrics, ( Two-tones taffeta, Iridescent Taffeta), In extra width 280cm,
.1.1.6 Polyester Peack Skin, Icl. Micro Peachskin, Plain Peachskin, Twill Peachskin,
.1.1.7 Oxford Fabrics, Icl. Plain/or Twill/or Jacquard Oxford, Poly/or Nylon Oxford used for casual bags, suitcase, luggage box, tents,
.1.1.8 Taslan or taslon Fabrics,
.1.1.9 Micro polyester Suede Fabrics,
.1.1.10 Organza Fabrics, twotones Organza,
.1.1.10 Voile Fabrics, Flame-retardant Voile, Curtain Voile,
.1.1.11 Cotton Lining, Cotton sheeting, Poplin, Twill, Flannel,
.1.1.13 Cotton Velvet Fabrics, Yarn-dyed Check Fabrics, Scotich Fabrics;
1.2 Knitted Fabrics:
.1.2.1 Polyester Velour/Velvet Fabrics, Crush Velour, Royal Velour, Polar (one-side/two-sides) Fleece,
1.3 Furnishing Fabrics:
.1.3.1 Cotton Furnishing Fabrics, Cotton Upholstery Fabrics, Chenille Furnishing, Chenille Upholstery, Flame retardant upholstery,Brocade Fabric, in width 300cm,
.1.3.2 Brocade Satin Fabric,
1.4 Special Fabrics:
.1.4.1 Flame retardant Cotton, polyester Lining, voile Fabrics,
.1.4.1 Metallic Fabrics, Metallic brocade, Net metallic, Flocking Fabrics, Embroidery Fabrics, Special Fabrics for Decoration, Dancewear, Toys, Apparels, Shoes,etc

2. Home Textiles
.2.0 Hand made patchworks cotton bedspreads, cushion, bedding quilt set,
.2.1 Embroidery Bedclothes, Bedspreads, Pillowcase, Bedsheet, Bedcover, Patchworks Quilt, Mink Blankets
.2.2 Furniture Cushion, Cushion Cover, Chair or Sofa Covers, ,
.2.3 Curtains & accessories, Voile Curtain, Embroidery Voile Curtain,
.2.4 Embroidery Table-clothes, Banquet Cahir cover,

3. Export Others
.4.1 Carpet machine --- Tufting Guns, Electric Carving Machine, Electric Carving Tools, Shearing Carpet Machine,
.4.2 Paper Twist-tie, Pet Twist-Tie,
.4.3 Woven PP Polybag, Polybags For Chemical Fertilizer, Cement